Strange Things I Have Seen – A Killer Grebe

Strange Things I Have Seen – A Killer Grebe Some of the “strange things” I’ve seen are tragic and rather heartbreaking. The Wife and I were taking a stroll along the AKS Marsh trail in Port Hope one early May morning. We were watching the Canada Goose goslings in the creek, and saw a few […]

What Was That Thing I Saw Out on the Trail ?

If you visit our Home page, you’ll see a list of Categories we file our write-ups under. There is one called “Strange Things I Have Seen” which includes stuff like, a groundhog climbing a tree, beakless birds, tree branches fusing two separate trees together, three winged maple keys, and such. Things you might know very […]

Strange Things I Have Seen – Tree Trunks with Strips of Outer Bark Peeled Off

During the Winter of 2020 right into the Spring of 2021, we’ve pondered the strange phenomenon of what I’ve learned is called “Blonding” of some trees on our wanderings. Often huge expanses of tree trunks we’ve seen, appear to have had their outer layer of bark removed. This leaves patches of pale yellow (blond) all […]

Strange Things I’ve Seen – Three Winged Maple Keys

Technically called “samaras”, we’re all familiar with the two winged type of “whirlygigs, helicopters, tree twirlers” and the many other names from our childhoods. I recall breaking two fresh green seeds apart, peeling open the end of one, extracting the seed, and sticking the wingblade on my nose. That was just last Summer… I’m such […]

Strange Things I Have Seen – The Orono Cow Tree

Back in Nov 2016, I poked a bit of fun at Orono for its (rapidly becoming famous) leaning water tower. Since then I’ve enjoyed Orono ’s Crown Lands walking trails,  Orono’s bake shop, antique shops, the in-town Sydney Rutherford trail and it’s walkway under the bridge with the water baffles and the  beautiful graffiti. But […]

Strange Things I’ve Seen – The Brechin Sauropod (Yeah that’s a Dinosaur)

Update Dec 19, 2019 – Due to the info on the link at the end of this writeup, I really should call this the Gamebridge Sauropod. It’s just that Brechin is on the main road passing this strange thing. For many years, the wife and I have travelled back and forth from Gravenhurst, Ontario to […]

Strange Things I’ve Seen – A Well Heeled Tree with alot of Sole

The Wife and I were returning from Orono a few weeks ago, on a “long way Home” cruise along the backroads.  We passed a tree we’d passed many times before, but without as much as a second glance. I guess that’s why someone “decorated” it. I can only assume there’s an artist (that’s phonetically pronounced … “arteest”) in […]

Strange Things I’ve Seen – The Leaning Water Tower of Orono

The wife and I were returning from a trip to The Leskard Trail when we stopped into Orono (just North on Hwy 115 from the 401) to buy some Christmas gifts for an old friend at the Dutch shop/bakery on the Main St.  On our way into town, I spotted this : I asked the […]

Strange Things I Have Seen – A Railroad Crosswalk to Nowhere

The wife and I were returning Home from a walk about the Wilmot Creek Nature Area. What with the 401 being so uninteresting, we tend to take Lakeshore Rd. Home. Seems there’s always something unusual to see when we take alternate routes at this time of year. But this time, the unusual sight wasn’t botanical, […]

Strange Things I Have Seen – Inosculation

No, inosculation isn’t a technical term for a dirty word. Well, not really. It’s a type of natural “grafting” which is described as not uncommon, yet I’ve not seen examples of this … commonly. What happens is that one tree’s branch grows out and literally runs into the trunk of the tree beside it. As the […]