Monthly Archives: May 2014

Playing ‘Possum

It woulda been around 1:30 a.m. I was in the computer room doing research for a posting on the geology of Southern Ontario.  I keep a larder of partly completed write-ups to work on when I’m in the mood.  There’s currently twenty-one in my “pending posts” folder.  So anyway, the wife had long since gone […]

For I Have Heard a Python Fart

I was standing there, nervously shifting my weight back and forth from one foot to the other as my peers filed in, choosing their seats for the presentation. Jack (as he invited me to call him), tried to make small talk, which helped to calm me down.  He was President of the World’s largest food […]

Ranger Rants (part one)

What?  The hell you say!!  An impending coffee shortage you say?  Well, of course it must be true,  I have just seen it on the National News. Remember the last coffee shortage a few years ago,  we were all looking for substitutes and ways of conserving what we used.  Chicory, grain and dandelion were all […]

Brand New Meteor Shower Approaching – LINEAR 209P

Back around 1995 humanity started wondering (or more accurately – worrying) that the celestial collision which likely finished off the dinosaurs could happen again.  Only this time, the unfortunate big, fat, stupid creatures being threatened, would be us.  The U.S. alone has launched no less than 7 programs to detect life threatening “near Earth objects” […]

Pigeon River Headwaters CA

The wife and I visited Pigeon River Headwaters Conservation Area last Fall, and were disappointed to find access to the boardwalk blocked. It was under repair and the sign requested we leave it alone until finished.  Encouraged, as they were working on replacing it, we carried on with intention to return the following Spring.  The PRHCA is […]

Vodka and Wee Beasties

“Enjoy your berries and vodka, and your “wee beasties”.  That was one retirement wish amongst many referring to ”wee beasties” (OK, and a lot referring to vodka and berries). The point was, I was known for my love of the wee beasties.  My tree-rats, striped-back rats, Poo Hays, Blinkys, and Tuxedos.  Normal people would read […]

Now I know Why My Dad Wore Cardigans

Unfortunately I’m severely claustrophobic so I can’t wear “T” shirts.  I’ll never be able to sport a “T” shirt with one of my favourite expressions on it : “I’M RETIRED.  This is as dressed up as I get”.  I would wear that to any special occasion. Be it a wedding, a funeral, the Beer Store, […]