Monthly Archives: October 2016

Goodrich Loomis CA Review

Ok so, the wife and I had just crossed the bridge over Cold Creek, and were heading uphill to the Junior Loop meadow when I pondered aloud whether or not I’d done a review of Goodrich Loomis CA. She pointed out that “GL” was such a well known, easily found, and well documented (we assumed) […]

The Mowat Monument on the Move

The Boat Roofed House Monument Inscription:    “Eight hundred years before Columbus sailed to the New World, seafaring walrus hunters and traders from Great Britain’s Northern Isles are believed to have landed in north eastern Canada, even before the Vikings arrived. Venturing far from their homes, the adventurers sailed double-ended, open boats sheathed in walrus […]

The Port Hope Conservation Area Trail Review

Yet another in town trail. In the town of Port Hope I mean. The trail is in the Port Hope Conservation Area and I don’t think it even has a name. This one is right across the Ganaraska river from the Port Hope Millennium Trail and just across the street (Jocelyn) from the Ganaraska River Trail. The well […]

Unusual Historic Cemeteries

Precious Corner’s Cemetery is likely one of the oldest cemeteries in Northumberland County. It is located on the Dale Road (Cty Rd 74) just west of the intersection of Burnham Street (Cty Rd 18) from Cobourg. Found on the north side of the road east of the Dale Road Public School, you can be forgiven […]