Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Northumberland Forest Fire Tower and Sager CA Tower

The wife and I were doing a “Town Walk” when I saw the old fire tower cab on the front lawn of a local museum.  I had to go over and look inside it, considering the last time I’d viewed it was from 70 feet above the ground, (and still looking up at it), about […]

The Problem with Pooches

You may remember my neighbour from the posting entitled “Secret Trails and Hidden Ponds”.  The neighbour with the old high school photo ?  Remember him ? Yeah ! OK, so I generally start my day with a 10 – 20 minute visit to his garage (I could populate an entire blog with the silly-ass stuff […]

Secret Trails and Hidden Ponds

Much has been said and sung about anticipation.  The journey, versus the arrival.  I’m no stranger to this concept either.  I’m sure if I did the math, I’d find I spent as much time studying maps and planning the journey, as I ever have experiencing the destination.  When the wife and I were mere youngsters, […]

Base Camp

I was damn-near born a bushman.  My parents took me on my first canoe trip at six weeks of age.  Sure, I was raised in the big city (as big cities go in Canada), but I gained a great and lasting love for the bush, the water, the rocks, and the sky, from very early […]

High on the Hogsback – 20 Years On

It wasn’t until I’d done the calculation 3 times, 3 different ways that I blurted out “Holy Crap Ranger the last time we were here, I wasn’t even 40 years old!  What the Hell happened?  How does a guy lose two decades like that?”  As Ranger started the mental calculations to cross-check mine, the answer […]