Monthly Archives: April 2014

Booze Cruise Refuse

“Heay! Where’d they go?” I strained my eyes as we approached the (former) location of three beer cans we’d fished out of the ditch and left to pick-up on our return trip back to the car. The wife and I carry bags with us while walking this time of year, and we pick-up the accumulation […]


Well, here it is a Tuesday and after a week with most of the snow melted away and temperatures near twenty degrees!  Tomorrow, being Wednesday, the weatherman is calling for temps around -2 and the possibility of freezing rain, snow and a generally crappy day.  The only reason I mention this is that in about […]


While writing for a blog like this is ultimately enjoyable, it requires some effort and time.  Trying to ensure accurate facts, balanced with humour, and striving to provoke thought, while still providing an interesting read, is challenging.  We often discuss what we want this blog to be.  What we want it to reflect, and say about us. […]

Our Cosmopolitan Planet

Call them tree-huggers, nature-nuts, wilderness wackos, camp-out crackpots, whatever derogatory terminology you choose.   Without these people there wouldn’t be over 270 Conservation Areas, 330 Provincial, and 6 National Parks in Ontario.  That’s one helluva mess O’ real estate. Not to mention the Crown Land Reserves, the Wildlife Areas, ANSIs, Municipal, Township, and County parks and […]

Godless Bloodsuckers

You might well question the three mosquito carcasses from last Summer still splattered against the inside of my truck’s windshield.   It’s not like they impeded my view over the Winter, or presented a driving hazard.   They’re just little mosquitoes, and they’re all desiccated and dried up anyway, so … you know.  BUT, in the same […]

This One’s for You Johnny

The man had every reason to hate my guts and interpret my existence as a threat. But, since no one else had the class to introduce us … he did. He offered up his hand in friendship, and I, grasped and shook it with sincerity. That was the start of a sixteen year roller-coaster ride […]

Keep Your Eyes to the Skies

Just a quick note this time. I wanted to suggest that we might be in for an interesting Summer with regard to predators in general. A couple weeks ago Ranger and I spotted what could only have been an immature bald eagle. While telling my neighbour about it, he told me his “birder” friend positively […]