Monthly Archives: April 2014

Booze Cruise Refuse

“Heay! Where’d they go?” I strained my eyes as we approached the (former) location of three beer cans we’d fished out of the ditch and left to pick-up on our return trip back to the car. The wife and I carry bags with us while walking this time of year, and we pick-up the accumulation […]


Well, here it is a Tuesday and after a week with most of the snow melted away and temperatures near twenty degrees!  Tomorrow, being Wednesday, the weatherman is calling for temps around -2 and the possibility of freezing rain, snow and a generally crappy day.  The only reason I mention this is that in about […]

This One’s for You Johnny

The man had every reason to hate my guts and interpret my existence as a threat. But, since no one else had the class to introduce us … he did. He offered up his hand in friendship, and I, grasped and shook it with sincerity. That was the start of a sixteen year roller-coaster ride […]

Railroading Ranger

“My engine is cold and still,   no water does my boiler fill,   my wood affords it’s  flame no more,   my days of usefulness are o’er”.       From an old English Poem,  written on the tombstone of a Locomotive Engineer in Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal. The year is 1890, it’s late September and the day breaks […]


The subject of exactly what is watching you, and from where as you hike, has often been a subject of discussion between Ranger and myself.  I hark back to the 80’s sitting in the darkness out in the bush North of North Bay with my cameras, flashes, slave units, power winders, etc all set up, […]