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Kendal Crown Lands Review

Update January 3 2018 – Thanks to our reader Moseby for the following update data – The “Scarey Bridge” has been removed and he witnessed some ATV damage to the trails. However, by Spring, the trails should be OK again. Thanks again Moseby. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Ranger and I visited this one a number of years before “2oldguyswalking” was created. Since […]

Port Britain, Ontario Ghost Town

Because there were no roads, aside from 1st Nations People trails, the only access by early settlers to Hope and Clarke Township from Port Hope, Ontario was by boat only. Lakeshore Road, was constructed in 1799 from York (Toronto) east to the Bay of Quinte and at first, this road was used mostly by soldiers […]

Durham East Cross Forest Conservation Area

The first time we saw this trailhead was many years ago. It looked like nothing more than an ATVer’s paradise, so we paid no attention and carried on. But recently, the wife reminded me of our first erroneous impression of Orono’s Crown Land  so I did some I’Net research. It’s history was encouraging, and we had […]

Historical Bewdley, Ontario

Rice Lake obtained its name from the abundance of cultivated black rice which grew in abundance in the shallow parts of the lake. The lake is about 28 miles long with an average of 3 miles wide and a total of 27 islands. The largest, Long Island near Bewdley is about two hundred acres. The […]