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The Poohead Cafe

What food (per 100 gram serving) has 36 % of your daily fat requirement 15 % of your potassium requirement 13 % of your daily carbohydrates 12 % of your daily protein 25 % of your Vitamin B6 4% of your calcium 15% of your magnesium Has no Cholesterol, nor Sodium And tastes like CRAP […]

Old Guys I have known

Today I thought I’d document a few of the Old Guys whom I share the title of Old Guys, with.  Where to begin ? What with so many colourful characters, choosing one to introduce first is a daunting task.  OK, how’s about I start with one you’ll recognize right away.  We all have one of […]

It’s Just a Sweater

There’s a local pub (which someday I’ll write about), where the wife and I used to spend a great deal of our meager spare time. I walked in one day wearing a beautiful sweater with a huge RCMP crest on it. I bellied up to the bar as the Publican poured a sleeve of Smithwicks […]


Why do things in this life happen as they do?  I’m not talking about the annoying little things that we all experience now and then like that peanut butter and jelly sandwich that we drop…the messy side always hits the floor!  Or that spoon of hot soup that makes it almost to the mouth before […]

Laurie Lawson Outdoor Educational Center Review

UPDATE July 2/17 – Having just returned from this trail, I’ll warn you NOT to go light on the DEET this year ! ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Right on telephone road between Port Hope and Cobourg is a surprisingly pleasant little walk.  Ranger had spoken of it many times, but like anything else, the attractions closest to Home […]

Message in a Bottle

Macreau and I had been “at the paddle” from sunrise to sunset for 2 solid days.  Across 5 uninhabited lakes, and over 3 portages until we landed on, and set up camp, on the Southern-most of the “Six Weird Sisters” island chain on North Spruce Lake. I was finishing off the last vestiges of a […]

Compliments of 2 Old Guys Walking

Last Summer, I got an idea which was actually spawned by a passage from my wilderness-travelling/literary hero, Grey Owl, in his classic book “Tales of an Empty Cabin”.  He carved a paddle and left it on a trail with a chieftain’s symbol on it, knowing it would find its way to his friend.  I thought […]