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Deer Tick, Black Legged Tick, Ixodes Scapularis

A deer tick chowed-down on my sorry hide last April. It stopped for a snack or two on its way up to my hip where the damned thing excavated a hole and set up homestead. All this without me  feeling a thing until I had three quarter dollar  sized, extremely itchy lumps, from my hip to my waist. When the wife took a look at them, […]

Greenwood Tower, Port Hope Ontario

  This post was originally to be called ‘Belgrave, the Helm Connection’ but few would recognize either name. The majority of Port Hope’s residents will however be familiar with the name Greenwood Tower. John Helm Jr. (1816-1912) was best known around Port Hope as the builder of Belgrave House located at 162 Peter Street and […]

The 10 on 10 Ganaraska Forest (North of Port Hope) Trail Review

***Please click on this link Map Locations of ALL Trails on this Site to view a map with the location of every trail “2oldguyswalking” has written a review on.*** THE 10 ON 10 GANARASKA FOREST TRAIL REVIEW UPDATE September 9, 2018 – We just returned from a first time “without snow on it” walk on this trail. […]

The Francis Beamish Story

  This post originally started out as a story of the historically designated Beamish House Restaurant & Pub on John Street in Port Hope Ontario.   Because its information was rather limited and the storey of its namesake Francis Beamish, an early pioneer of Port Hope just kept getting more interesting the more research I delved […]