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The Port Hope Ganaraska River Trail Review

***Please click on this link Map Locations of ALL Trails on this Site to view a map with the location of every trail “2oldguyswalking” has written a review on.*** The Ganaraska River Trail Review I was rather surprised by the reaction to my review of the “in-town” Port Hope Lakeshore Trail. To be quite honest, […]

Purdy Grist Mill, Castleton, Ontario

“If you build it… they will come”.  It has been said that when ‘Mother England’ wanted to establish a new settlement in Upper Canada, she would send a miller ahead to encourage development in a designated area.  The reasoning here was that farmers would take up land within a day’s travel from a grist mill.  […]

Just How Tasty Might Wild Apples Be ?

Ranger (and the wife) and I, know the locations of at least sixty-three wild asparagus patches (Stalking the Feral Asparagus) five raspberry patches, eleven elderberry patches, two blackberry patches, three major yielding wild grape vine communities, four trails on which we can harvest morels, two locations for shaggy manes, five spots where we’ll find giant puffballs, […]

Tyrone Grist & Saw Mill, Ontario

As with the other grist mills in this series of blogs, I have focused not so much on the inner workings of the actual milling process but on the lives of the millers and their communities.  Tyrone is such a quaint, historic village with a most unique mill and a tour of both is like […]

Garden Evolution II – The Wife had a Vision

The wife and I had talked for years about landscaping the front yard. I was always concerned that our “tastes” in gardening, might not be shared by the general public (see posting Garden Evolution). What we did in our backyard was nobody’s business but ours. What we did in the front however, would be subject […]