Monthly Archives: February 2016

Hot Caliente!

This winter is really getting to me and cabin fever has set in!  I feel the desperate need to take a trip down memory lane and talk about my all-time favorite car.  Yes boys and girls, I know you all had one from your past that you might like to have back for a day […]

Stats Page Interpretations

I didn’t expect anything unusual when Ranger wrote “You Can’t go Back”. It was a walk down memory lane where he reminisced about his childhood in the town of Camborne. The reaction was remarkable! Though our blog’s sponsor (WordPress) doesn’t provide us with any personal data on our readers, the Stats Page does allow us […]

Camborne Village Ski Club – A History

This is the first “guest writer” 2oldguys has published. Due to interest realized in Ranger’s You Can’t Go Back , this is a more personal account of the creation of the Camborne Ski Club. It was provided by Pat and Carol’s grandchild in a prize-winning grade school speech. We’ve left it as written. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Doctor, vet, […]

A Glimpse of Pioneer Life

The year was 1796 when a Mr. Lovekin of New York and his two hired men proceeded in advance of his family to locate his land and prepare a home for their reception likely a year later. Having settled at the mouth of Baldwin’s Creek (now Wilmot’s) he commenced to build himself a temporary shanty. […]