Monthly Archives: August 2016

The Port Hope Millennium Trail Review

UPDATE September 20, 2017 – Just spoke with the GRCA and they tell me the trail is accessible. However, it is to be used under the understanding that it’s at your own risk. UPDATE September 4, 2017 – Tried to walk this one today and was met with numerous “trail closed” signs. Their website says […]

The Otonabee Gravel Pit Conservation Area Review

This is a rare treat for a trail reviewer. The Otonabee Gravel Pit CA appears to be unknown on the INet. Its not often a trail reviewer gets the chance to be the first to report on a Cons. Area. Admittedly, its not exactly a hiker’s paradise. Its more of a Wildlife Area really, as […]

Bewdley’s Heritage Sackville Bridge

Oh no, say its not so! Another classic heritage old Hamilton Township bridge at Bewdley has reached an age and condition that has raised questions about its future! Maybe you are thinking, where is this bridge called Sackville? This attractive little ‘bowstring arch’ bridge is located on what the locals refer to as the Swamp […]

Strange Things I Have Seen – A Railroad Crosswalk to Nowhere

The wife and I were returning Home from a walk about the Wilmot Creek Nature Area. What with the 401 being so uninteresting, we tend to take Lakeshore Rd. Home. Seems there’s always something unusual to see when we take alternate routes at this time of year. But this time, the unusual sight wasn’t botanical, […]

The Laneway Strolls, Port Hope Ont.

From the dictionary, a laneway or lane is described “as a narrow way or passage between walls, hedges or fences”. These lanes were created between two town streets and were used for access to the back yards between the town streets. From the Lanes you get a great view of the land owners lawn and […]