Monthly Archives: January 2014

You Can’t Go Back!

Here it is January and it’s -16 degrees C outside!  The 2oldguyswalking team are looking forward to Spring  when we can get into some real walking routes with descriptions and pictures relating to this blog.  But until then I would like a change of subject and get philosophical here to entertain you with this post. […]

Strange things I’ve seen … on Towers

“What is that ?  A box or maybe   …  ” I hesitated, thinking about it.   Then the wife added “Well it’s not an osprey’s nest.  Yeah … it kinda looks like a box.  You want me to stop so we can get a closer look ?”  I thought about it, and decided we needed a […]

Darling Wildlife Area

Alright boys and girls !  Here’s a riddle for ya !  What’s the difference between a Conservation Area (CA), and a Wildlife Area (WA).  You give up ?  OK, Wildlife Areas aren’t knee deep in walkers and their dogs’ sh!t bags, and Conservation Areas aren’t knee-deep in shotgun shells and beer cans.  Though I’m not […]

Peggy aka Fred

“Have you noticed the one – legged one ?” he asked us with a familiar smile.  We’d exchanged friendly greetings in passing with them, but this was our first discussion.  “Yes we have”, I said, “We call her Peggy, you know,  peg-leg, peggy?  Though technically she doesn’t have a peg …” They both laughed and […]

Counting the Falling Stars

“OOOOOOH !  There’s one !” the wife exclaimed pointing behind me.  As I began to turn, another one caught my eye as it streaked across the sky behind her.  “Heay, I thought they were all supposed to come out of the north-west” I whined while spinning on my heels trying to view all 4 horizons.   […]

Ice Storms and Woolly Bears

My neighbour (from the posting “Secret Trails and Hidden Ponds”), stomped the snow off his boots as he entered the garage uttering an epithet (of a procreative nature) regarding the weather.  Just about every morning I drop in for a few minutes to visit and pick-up some precious pearls of wisdom.  This particular morning, a […]

Concerning Trail Reviews

I was looking at some tips on “how to increase your blog traffic”.  Not that I want fame and fortune from this blog.  I had my 15 minutes of fame decades ago. I created this blog because I hoped there were other old fellows out there who appreciated the benefits of just walking with a friend.  […]