Monthly Archives: September 2013

Don’s Old Guy’s Tree House

Last Fall, Ranger and I were cruising the back-roads near his childhood Home.  We’d visited the actual house he, his parents, and 10 siblings lived in.  I saw the window Ranger peed out of, onto his Father’s head, and then foolishly answered “Yes Dad ?” when his Father shouted his name.  He could’ve just shut […]

Snapping Turtle Rescue

Update – April 1 2017 – The Ontario provincial government permanently banned the hunting of snapping turtles today. A small gesture I realize, but it’s something I suppose.  ______________________________________________________________________________ We were walking up the road toward the old railway berm on the Trout Ponds Trail.  As we crossed the bridge, an interesting stone caught my […]

I Like Birds But. ..

Went out foraging today.  Hot and humid it was, with highbush cranberries everwhere !  However, I’m afraid the elderberries are pretty-much done.  Assuming they’d ripened and fallen, I started backing out of the patch when something caught my eye.  I’d never been that close to a bohemian waxwing before.  It held it’s ground (well, it’s […]

Well, I gotta start somewhere …

What seems like decades ago (probably ’cause it was) 2 young fellows enjoyed hiking together.  They’d mark trails for local hiking clubs, joined local wildlife societies, and explored the local wilderness (as it was).  They created fanciful nicknames for each other like “Ranger” and “Bushwhacker”. Then, the Corporate world reared it’s ugly head, and our […]