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Unfinished Business

“Holy crap, look at all the trout !”  I shouted to Ranger.  He broke off his intrusion of the shack he’d found to walk over and look.  “Oh yeah, and they’re huge too” he offered.  There’s no way they were natural to the pond as they were too plentiful and too big.  There wasn’t any […]

The Lowdown on Highbush – Cranberries 3

**Please see Highbush Cranberries 2 – the Sequel for the previous posting on this subject ** Listen ! I’ve tried ! God knows I’ve tried ! Sounds like my dad discussing me, with the camp counselor, or a Sunday school teacher, or maybe his pastor, or possibly our neighbours, the PTA, strangers on the bus, […]

Let’s Talk Turkey

By 1909, the wild turkey population in Southern Ontario had been provincially extirpated by unregulated hunting, and agricultural incursion.  Then, in 1984 they were re-introduced to what remained of the Southern Ontario “wilds’.  They have done very well, as there are now Spring and Fall hunting seasons for them.  This concludes the informative section of […]

Don’s Old Guy’s Tree House

Last Fall, Ranger and I were cruising the back-roads near his childhood Home.  We’d visited the actual house he, his parents, and 10 siblings lived in.  I saw the window Ranger peed out of, onto his Father’s head, and then foolishly answered “Yes Dad ?” when his Father shouted his name.  He could’ve just shut […]

Why Walk Through the Seasons ?

Awhile back, the wife announced our retirement plans to some friends whose response was “Oh so you’ve made your million dollars then?”  I never could figure where the idea that you need a million dollars to retire came from.  I blame it on the TV ads : “We have a decision to make” says the […]

Three Chelydra in the Hand are Worth 6 on the Road – Snapping Turtle Rescue

Update – April 1 2017 – The Ontario provincial government permanently banned the hunting of snapping turtles today. A small gesture I realize, but it’s something I suppose.  ______________________________________________________________________________ We were walking up the road toward the old railway berm on the Trout Ponds Trail.  As we crossed the bridge, an interesting stone caught my […]

Highbush Cranberries 2 the sequel

** Please click on Highbush Cranberries to start at the beginning of this adventure. ** Well, this time I approached it like the professional scientist I once was (Ewwwww!).  I hated it, but it does work, and it’s still easy for me to do.  So I researched it and found many sites explaining that there […]