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Strange Things I Have Seen – Inosculation

No, inosculation isn’t a technical term for a dirty word. Well, not really. It’s a type of natural “grafting” which is described as not uncommon, yet I’ve not seen examples of this … commonly. What happens is that one tree’s branch grows out and literally runs into the trunk of the tree beside it. As the […]

Strange Things I Have Seen – Woodpecker Carnage

We’ve all heard, or perhaps seen a Woodpecker at work. The Downey, or the Hairy, most commonly. Then there’s the more impressive Red Headed, and the unexpected Flicker, also classed as a woodpecker. All told, there are ten different woodpeckers in Ontario. But the most impressive by far, is the Pileated. If you wish to […]

How to Sell a Used Car

I just sold my 1989 IROC Z classic Camaro muscle car. The car of my dreams. 30 years ago, on a return trip from a meeting at Head Office with my first boss (Peter was my hero at that time of my youth), he slowed down as we passed a GM dealership and said, “Man […]

Kawartha Country Wines

John said “Well, I looked around the Niagara Region and Prince Edward County and I thought … do I want to be a small fish in a big pond, or … the only fish in the pond ? ” then he gave us one of those grins that lit up his whole face. Continuing to […]

The Museum Building Port Hope

This is a post about the building at 95 Mill Street South, Port Hope Ontario that currently houses the Canadian Fire Fighters Museum.  The intent here is to tell the story of this building that will soon be gone forever and is part of the ‘Going, going…’ series of posts the Ranger has recently published. […]