Strange Things I Have Seen – Inosculation

No, inosculation isn’t a technical term for a dirty word. Well, not really. It’s a type of natural “grafting” which is described as not uncommon, yet I’ve not seen examples of this … commonly.


What happens is that one tree’s branch grows out and literally runs into the trunk of the tree beside it. As the wind causes both trees to sway, the outer bark of both the branch tip and the trunk wear away. Once the  cambium layer (just under the bark) is exposed by the friction, the two trees actually become one entity. Of course, as in grafting, this can only happen between related tree species. It has been seen in over twenty different types of trees with Beech and Ironwood being the most common.

inosculation 2

There’s a stand of forest on the East side of the  “Gooseberry Hollow Trail”  where the inosculation phenomenon is almost common (where these and many more, pictures were taken). Probably due to the similarities in species, proximity of the trees, and a few other contributing factors.

Walking in the bush is always interesting.  Especially when you keep an eye sharp to unusual things. 


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