Monthly Archives: March 2014

Danger Ranger

I could see Ranger from his feet to his knees under the railcars, and I could see the rest of him like an old movie, flickering between the cars as they sped between us. He was on the North side of the tracks and I was on the South. I saw the hat fly off […]

Northern (?) Lights

A random collision at over a million degrees Celsius, shattered two simple atoms into sub-atomic particles. The resulting explosion, combined with the star’s wandering weak magnetic spots ejected them from the corona at 2.5 million km/hr. From there, they joined the centillions of others, escaping the star’s gravitational field. Almost all the particles would race […]

To Feed or Not to Feed

That, is the question. The wife was looking over the local paper when she says “Listen to this”, and then she reads aloud about a guy in the town of Cobourg who’s been ticketed for feeding geese and swans down at the lakefront … twice, at $105.00 apiece no less ! See it here : […]

Spring Fever!

I don’t know if anyone out there in cyber space have noticed, but I am a little bit behind in keeping up to the Bushwhacker in the amount of posts that I have been writing of late. I have not been up to my usual ‘fun loving and high on life spirits’ now for a […]