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Sheffield Conservation Area – the most beautiful place I’ve ever hated

As I walked toward the lakeshore, I felt myself falling back through time. Though I’ve been a sedimentary stone strider, a limestone walker, for most of my Life, my heart has always been drawn to the igneous and metamorphic rock of more Northern climes.   Were it not for the sign declaring “Sheffield Conservation Area”, I […]

Thurne Parks Conservation Area Review

Update – Dec 5, 2015 – just returned from Thurne Parks and just wanted to outline a few changes.  The windstorm of a few weeks ago really played havoc. Alot of trees are down and the trail has been re-routed in numerous places but is still quite walkable. Another new development is at the end […]

Camborne Characters

Camborne is located in Hamilton Township in Northumberland County on County Road 18 about 6 miles north of Cobourg Ontario.  Settled mostly by United Empire Loyalists and immigrants from the U.K. in the mid 19th century as a rural and agricultural community. The stories here are not intended to relate to Camborne’s history, but of […]

Anniversary Blog

Wow!  It’s hard to believe that the ‘2oldguys walking’ blog is one year old!  About a year ago this ‘computer geek’ had no idea what a blog was, let alone starting to write them. It seems so ‘un-real’ that without advertising, people found this blog out of thousands on the net!   Most of the credit […]

2 Old Guys Walking – Our First Year Anniversary of Blogging

WordPress just notified me that we started this blog 1 year ago today. Ranger and I casually approached the young lady at the desk.  Our intentions were to acquire maps that could aid in our quest of finding every “no exit” road in the County.  By the time we left we were both exhausted and […]

Miller Creek Wildlife Area Review

Update May 9, 2017 – just returned from a visit here. The Peterborough Field Naturalists have upgraded the trail signage but due to the rainy Spring we’ve had, the loop trail was impassable.  It probably will be, for quite some time too. ___________________________________________________________________________ Unlike most WAs, Miller Creek is very accessible, clearly marked, easily navigated, […]