Anniversary Blog

Wow!  It’s hard to believe that the ‘2oldguys walking’ blog is one year old!  About a year ago this ‘computer geek’ had no idea what a blog was, let alone starting to write them. It seems so ‘un-real’ that without advertising, people found this blog out of thousands on the net!   Most of the credit for the success of these blogs has to go to my friend Bushwhacker for setting up all the technical aspects of it and for encouraging me to actually write some of my crazy and meandering tales and stories.

I always thought a blog was a daily account of the writer’s life… you know, what time he got up in the morning, what he had for breakfast and all the day’s events in his life.  To me a blog is written only if you have something interesting to say, relate something great in your life or (and most importantly) to entertain, educate or make your readers laugh.  The Bushwhacker and Ranger duo both love the humorous aspect and nobody has a sense of humor like the Bushwhacker!

It takes a lot of time to write (what you hope) will be a great blog.  Some, like my blog on “Sugar & Spice” on the birth of my beautiful granddaughter was the easiest to write.  My latest blog on “Camborne Characters” which required so much research seemed to take forever.  My most memorable blog was the “You Can Never Go Back”.  We had some great feedback on this article from people that remembered the Ski Hill and the owners Mr. & Mrs. D.  Even though we don’t use people’s real names (without their permission) it seems a lot of readers knew and had fond memories of them.  I was so thrilled to get a phone call from Mrs D. a month later…she tracked me down, seems she had heard from a friend about the blog (who couldn’t remember our blog name or how to find it on the internet).  She was interested in reading it.  She must be happy now…if she forgets our address, she can get directly to it by simply typing ‘Camborne Ski Hill”.

I don’t know which of the Bushwhacker’s blogs that were the hardest or easiest for him to write… they all appear equally educational, entertaining and humorous.  To me, the funniest blog he has ever written was coincidently, called “Danger Ranger” (March/014).  I was literally rolling on the floor laughing when I read it!  The quote in it that “Ranger was never foolish enough to actually chase a train and jump on it for a joy ride” was so real-to-life true.  Unlike you my friend, I have never chased down a train for a joy ride…the trains have always chased me!!

We really appreciate our reader’s comments, it’s the only way we have to know what topics interest you (or not). I know some of our friends check out our blog now and then but are not followers.  As Bushwhacker pointed out in his anniversary post, it is easy to become a follower and even more appreciated by us is to make a comment on what you have read.  Although your email is needed to reply, it is kept confidential and will never be divulged to anyone but the Bushwhacker.

Thanks again to our loyal followers, to WordPress and to Bushwhacker for making this all possible.

Regards,   Ranger.

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  1. and thanks for the excellent stories and adventures – as always…!
    your first fan,
    since before you began
    m 🙂


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