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Menzel Centennial Provincial Nature Reserve Review

On a return trip from Perth we allowed ourselves time to check out a few natural areas. Areas that would otherwise be too far from Home to justify the trip just to look them over. If a place shows promise, we’ll return when we have more time. If it doesn’t …  at least we didn’t […]

Historical Harwood, Ontario

Most of the land of the present day village of Harwood, Ontario on Rice Lake was purchased in 1828 by Robert Harwood a Montreal merchant. First called Sulley or Sulley’s Landing, the land developed rather slowly until the early days of the railroad. One of the earliest railways in Upper Canada, the Cobourg-Peterborough Rail Road […]

Sidney Conservation Area Review

We’ve come to call this one “the Peter’s Woods of the Quinte Conservation Authority”. With the exception of a small patch of fake forest right at the entrance (man planted rows of pines to control erosion back in the 1940s), the look and feel was very Peter’s Woods(ish). There were a few notable exceptions though. […]

Bleasdell Boulder Conservation Area Review

Not an extensive trail at all. Just a 1.5 km loop with a great honkin’ big old rock that some glacier left behind a long time ago. There’s a trail (0.6 kms return) off from the boulder which ends by intercepting “The Lower Trent Trail”. This former railway bed runs for 17 kms from Trenton […]

Map Locations of All Trails on this Site

The numbers on the map will tell you which trails are close to you, and you can just click on the names beside the numbers below the map, to be taken to the review. We try to re-visit and update as often as possible, as we take the accuracy of our reviews very seriously. However, […]

Red Cloud/Dawson Creek Settlement, Ontario

How do I start this post? It is a story about a place now called Red Cloud. An unknown by most (including the Ranger) a ghost town it was originally called Dawson Creek Settlement. This story is about things the Ranger likes to write about. A cemetery, a recently lost school house and a once […]