Map Locations of All Trails on this Site

While searching for new trails in the latest “Guide to Ontario’s Conservation Areas” publication, I was annoyed to find a general location map but no exact location directions. Many of these trails are difficult to find (even if you know their name) which is why I’m so anal about giving you as exact directions as possible.

Then it occurred to me that I’m no better than the guide I was looking at. My reviews tell you exactly how to find a trail in the middle of nowhere. However, it never occurred to me to tell you where  “the middle of nowhere” is. Unless a trail or CA is named after a nearby town, you have no way to quickly determine if it’s twenty minutes from your front door, or a three hour trip.

Hence, the map below. The numbers on the map will tell you which trails are close to you, and you can just click on the names beside the numbers below the map, to be taken to the review.

Sorry it took me so long to think of this.





1 Prince Edward Point and Little Bluff

2 Seymour CA

3 Fleetwood Creek NA

4 Vanderwater CA

5 Samuel Wilmot NA

6 Goodrich Loomis CA

7 Port Hope CA

8 Callaghan’s Rapids

9 Port Hope Millenium Trail

10 The Otonabee Gravel Pit CA

11 Laneway Strolls Port Hope

12 The Morel Trail

13 Peter’s Woods

14 The Emily Tract

15 Proctor Park Brighton

16 Price CA

17 The Good Doctor’s Trail

18 Northumberland County Forest – West Block

19 Hazel Bird Nature Reserve

20 Perth Wildlife Reserve

21 The Heaslip Triangle Trail

22 The Glen Gavel/Benson Rd Trail

23 The Ganaraska River Trail

24 The Port Hope Lakeshore Trail

25 Stephen’s Gulch CA

26 The Jack Gordon/Bowman Rd Loop Trail

27 Nawautin/Hartop/Wicklow Beach Trails

28 Trout Ponds to Millbrook (Baxter’s Creek) Trail

29 Northumberland County Forest Carstairs Tract

30 Laurie Lawson Outdoor Educational Centre Trails

31 Ball’s Mill/Lime Kiln Trail

32 The Hollows Trail

33 Sheffield CA

34 Thurne Parks CA

35 Miller Creek Wildlife Area

36 The Leskard Trail

37 H.R. Frink CA & OEC

38 The Trout Ponds Trails

39 Pigeon River Headwaters

40 Windy Ridge CA

41 Darling Wildlife Area 

42 Bleasdell Boulder

43 Sidney CA

44 Menzel Centennial Nature Reserve

45 Durham East Cross Forest CA Review

46 Kendal Crown Lands Review

47 Heber Down Trail Review

48 Crow’s Pass – coming August 23rd


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