Map Locations of All Trails on this Site

The numbers on the map will tell you which trails are close to you, and you can just click on the names beside the numbers below the map, to be taken to the review.

We try to re-visit and update as often as possible, as we take the accuracy of our reviews very seriously. However, with over 100 trail reviews on this site and a dozen more in various stages of completion, we’d very much appreciate you sending us a comment should you find a change in a trail since my review.

You needn’t divulge your e-mail address nor even fill in your name. I will simply receive an “anonymous” e-mail from our sponsor (wordpress) with your report. We will re-visit the trail at the first opportunity and correct the review with a thanks to you.

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1 Prince Edward Point and Little Bluff

2 Seymour CA

3 Fleetwood Creek NA

4 Vanderwater CA

5 Samuel Wilmot NA

6 Goodrich Loomis CA

7 Port Hope CA

8 Callaghan’s Rapids

9 Port Hope Millenium Trail

10 The Otonabee Gravel Pit CA

11 Laneway Strolls Port Hope

12 The Morel Trail

13 Peter’s Woods

14 The Emily Tract

15 Proctor Park Brighton

16 Price CA

17 The Good Doctor’s Trail

18 Northumberland County Forest – Woodlands Trails

19 Hazel Bird Nature Reserve

20 Perth Wildlife Reserve

21 The Heaslip Triangle Trail

22 The Glen Gavel/Benson Rd Trail

23 The Ganaraska River Trail

24 The Port Hope Lakeshore Trail

25 Stephen’s Gulch CA

26 The Jack Gordon/Bowman Rd Loop Trail

27 Nawautin/Hartop/Wicklow Beach Trails

28 Trout Ponds to Millbrook (Baxter’s Creek) Trail

29 Northumberland County Forest Carstairs Tract

30 Laurie Lawson Outdoor Educational Centre Trails

31 Ball’s Mill/Lime Kiln Trail

32 The Hollows Trail

33 Sheffield CA

34 Thurne Parks CA

35 Miller Creek Wildlife Area

36 The Leskard Trail

37 H.R. Frink CA & OEC

38 The Trout Ponds Trails

39 Pigeon River Headwaters

40 Windy Ridge CA

41 Darling Wildlife Area 

42 Bleasdell Boulder

43 Sidney CA

44 Menzel Centennial Nature Reserve

45 Durham East Cross Forest CA Review

46 Kendal Crown Lands Review

47 Heber Down Trail Review

48 Crow’s Pass

49 Glasgow Loop Trail Review

50 North Walker Woods Trail Review 

51 Walker Woods Trail Review

52 Long Sault Conservation Area

53 Enniskillen Conservation Area

54 Lower Trent Trail

55 Ken Reid CA 

56 Wilder Forest and Wildlife Preserve

57 Greenwood CA (North of 5th Line)

58 Greenwood CA (South of 5th Line)

59 Secord Forest & Wildlife Area 

60 McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve

61 Bowmanville Creek – A Winter Walkable 

62 Lynde Shores CA – A Winter Walkable

63 #10 on 10 Review

64 Glen Major Trail Review 

65 Northumberland County Forest Dragonfly, Elderberry, Stonewall, Luna Trail Review

66 Robert Johnston Eco Forest Review

67 Beaver River Conservation Area Trail

68 Northumberland County Forest McDonald Tract

69 Pickering’s Seaton Trail

70 Stony Lake Trails Review

71 John Earle Chase Trails

72 Beaver Meadow (Picton) Wildlife Area and Macaulay Mountain CA

73 Northumberland County Forest Loop Trail across from McDonald Tract

74 Depot Creek Nature Reserve

75 Lang Hastings Trail (David Fife Line to Asphodel 5th Line Review)

76 (A) Trent University Wildlife Sanctuary (Peterborough) Trails Review

76 (B) Trent University Canal Nature Reserve (Peterborough) Trails Review

77 McGeachie Conservation Area 

78 Hope Mill CA

79 South Corridor Victoria Rail Trail

80 Meisel Woods

81 Doube’s Trestle Trail 

82 Foley Mountain

83 TransCanada from Uxbridge to Blackwater

84 (A) Trans Canada from Parkhill Rd. to Ackison Rd (Peterborough)

84 (B) Trans Canada from Parkhill Rd. to Jackson Park (Peterborough)

85 Mark S. Burnham Provincial Park

86 The Gut Conservation Area

87 The NCF Beagle Club Trails

88 The Trans Canada Big Pond Trail between Hwy #62 and Twiddy Rd (Madoc) Review

89 Purdon’s Wild Orchid Conservation Area 

90 ORTA Trail between Woodvale School Rd and Beatty Lane

91 Trans Canada from Blairton Station to Havelock 

92 Durham Regional Forest (Uxbridge) Trails Review

93 Trans Canada from Kings Mill to Harold Rds (Stirling)

94 Mill Pond CA (Perth)

95 Garden Hill Pond (Port Hope) Review

96 Hastings Heritage and Trail of Two Lakes Trail Review

97 Selwyn Beach and Ennismore Heritage Trails

98 Trail of 2 Lakes from Sills Rd tp Crookston Rd

99 Northumberland County Forest West Block Review

100 Rice Lake Conservation Area Trail Review

101 Bancroft’s Eagle’s Nest Trails Review

102 The Hogsback (Omemee) Trail Review

103 TransCanada from Godolphin to Bannon Rds Review

104 Port Hope’s Monkey Mountain

105 The Dunsford Nature Trail

106 The Uxbridge Countryside Preserve

107 Trail of Two Lakes from Old Madoc Rd. to the Banks of the Trent River 

108 The Port Hope Fall Fair Trail Review 

109 Trans Canada past Drag Lake Trail Review

110 The Bata Island Trails Review

111 The TransCanada from Sulphide Rd #39 to … Sulphide Rd #39

112 Trail of Two Lakes Crookston RD to Seymour St W

113 The Brookwood Wildlife Area Trail Review

114 Norwood’s Mill Pond Trails Review

115 Hastings Heritage Trail from Station St to Malone Rd Review

116 The Thomas C. Agnew Nature Reserve Trail Review (Washago)

117 The Alexander Hope Smith Nature Reserve

118 The Kahshe Barrens Trail Review

119 The Dahl Forest Trail Review

120 The Knoxville Rd/6th Line (Port Hope) Trail Review

121 The Haliburton Cty Railtrail Geeza to Howland (Howland) Review

122 Nonquon Crown Lands on Scugog Line 10 (Port Perry) Trails Review

123 Nonquon Crown Lands on Old Simcoe Road (Port Perry) Trails Review

124 Nonquon Crown Lands on Scugog Line 12 Trail Review

125 Quinte Isle’s Crown Lands Trails Review

126 No Exit Trails of Northumberland County – Central

127 Quinte Isle’s Lakeshore Crown Lands Trail Review

128 Quinte Isle South Beach Dunes and Huyck’s Point Crown Lands Review

129 The Carden Alvar Part 1 of 3 – Cameron Ranch and Sedge Wren Trails Review

130 The Carden Alvar Part 2 of 3 – Prairie Smoke, Bluestem, and Grassland Loop Reviews

131 The Carden Alvar Part 3 of 3 – North Bear Alvar, and Kris Starr Sanctuary Reviews

132 The Mathison (Havelock) CA Trails Review

133 The Altberg Nature Reserve Trails Review

134 The Harold Town Conservation Area Trails Review

135 The K&P Trail from Murton Rd. to Junction with the Catarqui Trail Review (Harrowsmith)

136 The Gould Lake Conservation Area Review

137 The TransCanada Trail between Beatty’s Curve Rd and Sulphide Rd (#39)

138 Snowdon Wetland and Forest Preserve

139 Barnum Creek Nature Reserve

140 Christie Bentham Wetland Trails Review

141 No Exit & Road Allowance Trails of Northumberland County – Western Region

142 Turk Rd & Alnwick Hills Rd. Loop Trail (Baltimore ontario) Review

143 No Exit & Road Allowance Trails of Northumberland County – Eastern Region

144 Quinte Isle’s Millenium Trail from Blakely Rd to Fort Kente Rd (Trenton) Review

145 TransCanada from Blairton Station to Callaghan’s Rapids Trail Review

146 The River Rd and Lang/Hastings Figure 8 Loop Trail Review

147 The Ron Taylor Nature Reserve Review

148 The Cataraqui Trail Part 1

149 The Cataraqui Trail Part 2 – Coming May 30th


  1. Thank you for the very helpful map!


    1. Hi Dave,
      I figured if I’m gonna bother writing over 60 trail reviews, I might as well show people where the trails are too (one of my pet peeves when looking for trails myself).


  2. Great info! I found the link to the Woodlands trails via your Hazel Bird review, but dont see it listed on the map/list…does it go by another name?


  3. Carol Shaw · · Reply

    Great Info, How can I enlarge the map to see the numbers in a certain area so I can look up information on the relating trails in that area. Thank you


    1. Hello Carol,
      I assume you’re using a PC (ie a Windows operating system with a mouse) ? If so, you can press and hold down the Ctrl key while you roll the roller on the mouse upwards. That’ll make the whole screen enlarge. To enlarge even more, you could right click on the map, and choose “view image”, then do the same thing with the Ctrl key and the roller, to enlarge the map considerably more. You can then move the map around by using the gray bars on the bottom and the right side of the screen.

      If your mouse doesn’t have a roller, you can choose to “view image” the same way, then just move the cursor a bit until a circled plus (+) sign appears. Left click the mouse, and the image will enlarge. But that’s as big as it’s gonna get (to the best of my knowledge) without a mouse roller.

      Hope this helps. If not, please let me know what device you’re using, and I’ll try to help further (though I’m afraid I know nothing about smart phones, so I’ll be of no use to you there).

      Bye for now,


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