Monthly Archives: June 2014

For I Have Seen Millipedes Migrate‏

I have always been fascinated by the opportunities the natural World presents to observe the unusual, unexpected, and the bizarre.  I consider myself most fortunate to have witnessed things that most of us would never experience in a dozen lifetimes.  I figure Winchester Cathedral has been available for viewing 24/7 for 921 years, and can […]

Master Procrastinator

“ A procrastinator is a person who delays or puts off things like work, chores or other actions that should be done in a timely manner”. Some people that know the Ranger might suspect that he is a procrastinator. Well, I’m here to tell you all that they are absolutely right!  And I am proud […]

Harvesting The Feral Asparagus

Please click on this link Stalking the Feral Asparagus for an explanation of where this all started. I’m frickin’ pissed.   And I don’t mean in the pleasant, Saturday afternoon drinking cold ones on the back deck … way. I mean the kinda pissed where you spend weeks recording the locations of 45 wild asparagus patches […]