Master Procrastinator

“ A procrastinator is a person who delays or puts off things like work, chores or other actions that should be done in a timely manner”.

Some people that know the Ranger might suspect that he is a procrastinator. Well, I’m here to tell you all that they are absolutely right!  And I am proud to say that it does not bother me in the least!  I think this all started when I started my working career.

Co-workers often chided me for having a serious aversion to answering the phone.  OK, I am not a big fan of that particular device (and I really do hate the answering machine).  The problem with me and the phone is that every time I phone someone I get the feeling that I have woke them up from a deep sleep, disturbed their daily shower (or worse), caught them in the middle of cooking a meal or worse, even caught them in the midst of a little ‘mattress-dancing’ or that they are in a big hurry to leave for an important meeting somewhere.

This phone thing usually worked to my advantage at work, after calling me several times or leaving a message on the machine or paging, they usually gave up on me and the problem went away or they got a co-worker to solve their problem.

“A procrastinator is someone who postpones work, especially out of laziness or habitual carelessness”.

Checking my e-mail daily…this one is not actually procrastination.  If I check my e-mail every day it seems like there is nothing there for days on end.  After a week, I log on and guess what?  It is a guarantee that there will be about six hundred really important and ‘time sensitive’ messages waiting!

“A procrastinator is likely to leave all the Christmas shopping until Dec. 24th”.

Birthdays…almost every year I put off mailing that card to my sons David, Mark and my daughter-in-law Melodie.  I know with snail mail it can take about four days to reach them, but what do I do every year?  I wait until there is only two days and post them.  Even today it is June 6th and Mark’s birthday is June 19th…heck, I have almost two weeks, maybe I should mail the card this weekend.

Driver’s licence renewals, you know the ones you get in the mail about six months ahead of time and file them away in a safe place until needed and yeah, you guessed it, you have forgotten where you put the darn forms and have about two hours to find them before you are forced to go back to taking the bus!  These forms are the ones that always are checked off that you don’t need the photo and the price is $48.  Get to the Renewal Office and are informed that the forms are incorrect…you do need the photo and the price is incorrect as well, it now costs $65!  Seems to me that the Ministry of Transport is worse than I am…did they procrastinate long about the upgraded information on their forms before sending them out?

Up-grading my computer…the old machine is about five years old now and I have been faithfully putting aside the required cash to replace it.  The lap top battery light frequently comes on to warn me I should consider replacing it.  On pricing the cost of the new battery, I find I have to take the computer into Staples and leave it there until they can order a new battery (they don’t stock them?) and they have to install them.  It seems to me that maybe I should use the two-hundred dollar battery replacement cost and someday soon buy a brand new computer.

Well, just to spite Staples, I have been leaving the computer plugged into Alternating Current instead of Direct Current,  yeah, I am losing the wireless benefit but what the heck!

“ When a procrastinator estimates how long a task will take, they tend to estimate without factoring in any time for procrastinating”.

That last quote probably sums up my falling behind now and then in getting out a new posting!




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