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The Ranger is Reminiscing Again!

There is nothing like a birthday, especially one on the near side of seventy, to get an old guy reminiscing. I am sitting at my desk (dining room table) trying to decide on the subject of my next post for this site. What catches my eye is a large antique piece of equipment hanging on […]

Strange Things I’ve Seen – The Leaning Water Tower of Orono

The wife and I were returning from a trip to The Leskard Trail when we stopped into Orono (just North on Hwy 115 from the 401) to buy some Christmas gifts for an old friend at the Dutch shop/bakery on the Main St.  On our way into town, I spotted this : I asked the […]

The History of the Village of Millbrook, Ontario

This post is about the Town of Millbrook, its history and pleasant streetscape. This small town has more than forty-five designated buildings. The downtown has changed very little since it was rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1875. This fire destroyed over thirty businesses and homes along Tupper and King Streets. Prior to the Great […]

Samuel Wilmot Nature Area (Newcastle) Review

***Please click on this link Map Locations of ALL Trails on this Site to view a map with the location of every trail “2oldguyswalking” has written a review on.*** SAMUEL WILMOT NATURE AREA TRAILS REVIEW Though this NA is well covered on the I’Net, something Ranger and I found prompted me to do a review […]

The Bruton Street Pioneer Cemetery

This is a short story about the first Port Hope Pioneer Presbyterian Cemetery (1827-1873) located at 69 Bruton Street in Port Hope, a few houses east of the Julia Street intersection. Not so many years ago this sacred ground was deserted, over grown by grass and weeds, vandalized, stones overturned, broken and missing, the cemetery […]