Monthly Archives: February 2021

Strathmore House To Brookside Youth Centre

Strathmore House (Brookside) located at 390 King Street East, Cobourg Ontario is thought to have been built during the mid-1870’s by George M. Clark, a solicitor for the Canadian Pacific Railroad and a well respected Cobourg citizen, a staunch Conservative and a close friend of Sir John A. MacDonald. George Mackenzie Clark was born in […]

Walking Trails Near Oshawa, Ajax, Whitby, & Pickering, Ontario Canada

Amongst many other ways, I sometimes use search terms like the title of this posting, to find trails near a location I plan on exploring. Since that often works out for me, I thought I would provide a list of trails for others who use the same method. So, these are links to our reviews […]

Our Favourite Trails … and Why They Are

A reader recently asked of me, the impossible. He requested a list of our top favourite trails. I explained that there are so many different reasons for liking a trail, that I couldn’t possibly choose any particular ones over the others. So, my solution is to provide lists of trails by their primary attributes, or […]

A Heritage Designation Primer

The following article caught the eye of the Ranger and brought up many questions on how and why we should strive to save our historic buildings in Ontario. Lakefield Ontario, excerpts from a recent news media article shows how the Historic Designation process works. When the town citizens heard of a possible demolition of an […]