Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Morel Trail (4th Line Port Hope) Review

It’s another partial GHT (Ganaraska Hiking Trail) that goes through a particularly lovely piece of private property (with permission) on an old 1850’s railroad berm. It’s a return trail for sure. This GHT trail continues North across a “mid-woodland” stream to the North, and (oppositely) along the 4th Concession Line to the South. However, the […]

The Other Mill in Bowmanville, Ontario

The Village of Darlington Mills Ontario started around 1794 just south of where the Vanstone Mill is located today at 116 King Street, Bowmanville.  The first Loyalist families to settle here were the Burks,  Trulls and Roger Conant. John Burk erected a saw mill and then a grist mill on the west bank of Barber’s […]

Peter’s Woods Trail Review

OK … Peter’s Woods is one of the oldest and earliest in my adult naturalist experience, and is amongst the best of them all. After graduating College, the girlfriend and I got married and moved into our first Home. We started getting to know our community. I joined the Willow Beach Field Naturalists (WBFN), and […]

The Cereal Mill of Bowmanville Ontario

This old mill started its life around 1806 on land purchased from Augusta Barber and was built on Barber’s Creek, later called Bowmanville Creek.  The mill started out as a saw mill and was later converted to a grist mill built and operated by Leonard Soper and his son Timothy for many years.  In later […]

Strange Things I Have Seen – A Ringed Tree

The wife and I have been taking a new friend of ours on tours of all the near-by trails in the area. She moved into town last Spring and we met her just a few months ago while hand-feeding chickades on the AKS Marsh trail. The best part of showing someone else an old trail, is […]