Monthly Archives: January 2016

Price Conservation Area review

To our regular followers and readers – I realize it’s a little late in the season for this, but the pictures are pleasant to look at vs the view out my front window right now. Besides it’ll still be there under the ” Trail Reviews” category come Spring. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Yes, I know, she’s a pretty small […]

The Making of a Posting

Here it is the first week of January 2016, the daytime temperature has been around 5 degrees C for weeks and now the weatherman is calling for heavy rain, sleet and then snow and bitter cold! What the heck is Mother Nature trying to do to us and what the heck is a ‘Super’ El […]

Farm Gate Fresh Eggs

The wife and I had talked about buying fresh, free range eggs from a farm just North of town. However, her desire to get her cholesterol count down first, prevented us from doing so until last Spring. With her success in that endeavour, we figured we’d give ‘em a try. Ranger and I stopped into […]