Monthly Archives: December 2015

Add Nuthatches to the List of Hand Feeders

The wife and I have been hand-feeding chickadees down at the Port Hope Waterfront trail for 3 years now. In fact, its become a “start of the day” for us (see link Peggy-aka-Fred). We generally start with a walk and chickadee feeding while assessing conditions, and setting the day’s plan. However, just a coupla weeks ago, […]

Canton, Ontario, Grist Mill

For such an active and attractive building today (no longer as a grist mill), Ranger is having trouble finding a lot of history to go with this mill.  But as with the other mills in this series, the main focus will not be on the mechanical operations of the mills.  The lives of the local […]

The Good Doctor’s Trail

OK, that’s not what its really called. Its really called part of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail (GHT) that runs through the doctor’s property. Ranger and I just like calling it The Good Doctor’s Trail because Dr. Harris is one of the few private land owners who allows the GHT to mark a trail across his […]

Camborne, Ontario – Bridge Update

What?  Remove that quaint little bridge!!  The residents of Spring Mills (Camborne) must have been ready for a civil war when in 2013 it was rumored that the Town Fathers in the interest of safety (and maybe dollar bills) decided to remove this historical little one-lane bridge. Sure, traffic was light over the stream on […]

Northumberland County Forest (NCF) West Block Review

I gotta love the NCF. Its large, nearby, and its free for anyone to access from many roadside locations. ‘Course, the downside is that its large, nearby, and its free for anyone to access from many roadside locations. Walk 100 meters back from the road into the NCF and you might cross any number of […]