Monthly Archives: May 2016

Strange Things I’ve Seen – A Groundhog Up a Tree ?

The wife and I were doing The Hollows Loop on a gorgeous early May morning. Sunny, warm with the occasional cool breeze just to make the open meadow patches on the trail more comfortable. Ever vigilant for Spring foragables, flowers &/or beasties, we walked rather quietly, scanning the trail around and ahead of us for […]

Drinking? …No More!

To borrow an old joke… A man walks into a bar with slab of asphalt under his arm and says, “A beer please, and one for the road.” Although this post might appear to be comical… Drinking and driving is not funny and should never be tolerated by anyone.    Long gone are the days […]

Wasp, Hornet or Bee – Which Is It ?

The wife and I were returning Home from a walk … somewhere. I don’t remember where from, as the sight of this, negated anything else from my mind. We’ve all seen them before, hanging from trees, or the eaves of some unfortunate family’s Home. But I’d never seen one this close to the ground, so […]

The Emily Tract Trail Review

The wife and I recently took a considerably long and disappointing walk about Omemee’s Emily Provincial Park in search of a boardwalk leading to a sphagnum island. If you’ve been paying attention, you will instantly determine whether or not we found them. Fortunately, the wife recalled reading of another possible point of interest called “The […]

The William Fogler House

Going, going…gone! The Fogler House of 106 Bruton Street Port Hope was never known as a heritage style house and thus was never designated as such.  She was a common ‘salt box’ style farm house on what is now a lovely tree lined street with homes of every description and age.   Fogler House was […]