Monthly Archives: December 2014

Is This Not the Cutest Thing You’ve EVER Seen ?

Last Summer, the wife and I stumbled upon this scene.  I can’t believe I failed to have my camera on me at the time.  Ever since, I’ve searched for these sweet little darlings again.  I’ve searched with Ranger and I searched with the wife … until today.  OK, OK, they’re alot older than they were […]

Christmas Past and Present

Christmas Past: Last Christmas, my son and daughter-in-law presented me (and other family members) with a rather special request.  They wanted everyone to share a special thought of their special first child Ethan who unfortunately did not survive birth. I hope they don’t mind me reprinting it here. “But should the Angels call for him […]

I Wanna be Reincarnated in a 1980s Beer Ad

GAWD !  I loved them ! We’d see four incredibly virile, healthy, young 30-something guys, all holding impressively masculine poses on a front porch somewhere in Cooltown Ontario with beers in hand (labels facing the camera please).  Their dogs were well behaved, as were their hot as Hell Barbie-doll wives.  They weren’t jumping around and […]

Northumberland County Forest Carstairs Trails Review

UPDATE – June 19/2016 – Just returned from Carstairs. They’ve added info signs for the different types of trees along the walkway. Nicely designed and quite informative. UPDATE – Dec 10 2015 – While having a shot or two of hot chocolate in the parking lot here just last week, the wife and I heard the sound of […]