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Blinky Birds aka Mourning Doves

Ranger and I were out foraging while the wife was doing some yard work (do I know what I’m doing or what? ). Anyway, she started pulling out garden hose from the South side reel when a mourning dove exploded like a grouse, giving her quite a start. Upon investigation she saw what appeared at first, […]

Pratt’s Grist Mill

Because of Ranger’s love of rustic old buildings, especially grist mills, this story is the first in a series yet to come on local mills that have been recycled into other, usually commercial ventures.  Pratt’s Mill in Cobourg, now better known as The Mill Restaurant and Pub, offers great golfing. As well, the old mill […]

The Port Hope Lakeshore Trail Review

***Please click on this link Map Locations of ALL Trails on this Site to view a map with the location of every trail “2oldguyswalking” has written a review on.*** The Port Hope Lakeshore Trail Review Update – January 30 2020 – Someone has chain-sawed the tree across the trail. Not sure who it was, but the […]

Linwood Acres Trout Farms (Campbellcroft, Ontario)

This sign at the intersection of Ganaraska County Rd 9 and Gilmour Rd greatly understates the experience that is Linwood Acres. I’d been buying fresh, filleted trout and smoked trout there for a year before it occurred to me to do a write-up on it for this blog. However, as I often have to do […]

Why Scientists Lie to You

A confession – by Bushwhacker (retired scientist) There’s a saying that goes, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.  I believe that’s because it gives the holder a false sense of purpose or direction, as though they had alot of knowledge.  Sadly, this often begins with a scientist. From there, it gets  interpreted by a […]