Monthly Archives: December 2016

Heritage Rails of Ontario

The Cobourg Railroad Company was granted the second earliest railroad charter in Canada in 1834 with the power to construct a road from Cobourg, northward to Rice Lake. Unfortunately, the promoters were unable to raise sufficient capital. The project was shelved until 1846 and was resurrected as the Cobourg & Rice Lake Plank Road & […]

Strange Things I’ve Seen – A Well Heeled Tree with alot of Sole

The Wife and I were returning from Orono a few weeks ago, on a “long way Home” cruise along the backroads.  We passed a tree we’d passed many times before, but without as much as a second glance. I guess that’s why someone “decorated” it. I can only assume there’s an artist (that’s phonetically pronounced … “arteest”) in […]

Col. Giles’ Forgotten Fire Company

  How many times have I (or you) driven north up Port Hope’s Barrie Road from Hope Townships 4th to 5th Line just north of the Sylvan Glen Conservation Area and noticed a large barn with a neglected and forlorn wooden clad building facing the road? It stands out mostly because of its many garage […]

Presqu’ile Park Turtle Rescue

Back in 2004, the wife and I contributed to a charity in Nanaimo to save the Vancouver Island Marmot.The critter is doing rather well today and we feel good in that, we might’ve had something to do with it. And then, back in September of 2013 I asked the question, what to do about turtle deaths on […]