Monthly Archives: December 2016

Heritage Rails of Ontario

The Cobourg Railroad Company was granted the second earliest railroad charter in Canada in 1834 with the power to construct a road from Cobourg, northward to Rice Lake. Unfortunately, the promoters were unable to raise sufficient capital. The project was shelved until 1846 and was resurrected as the Cobourg & Rice Lake Plank Road & […]

Strange Things I’ve Seen – A Well Heeled Tree with alot of Sole

The Wife and I were returning from Orono a few weeks ago, on a “long way Home” cruise along the backroads.  We passed a tree we’d passed many times before, but without as much as a second glance. I guess that’s why someone “decorated” it. I can only assume there’s an artist (that’s phonetically pronounced … “arteest”) in […]

Col. Giles’ Forgotten Fire Company

How many times have I (or you) driven north up Port Hope’s Barrie Road from Hope Townships 4th to 5th Line just north of the Sylvan Glen Conservation Area and noticed a large barn with a neglected and forlorn wooden clad building facing the road? It stands out mostly because of its many garage doors, […]

Some Ecological Good News (for a Change)

Even though I’m a naturalist, I’m about ready to bitch-slap the next fellow naturalist I hear preaching doom and gloom about the present and future state of Life on this rock. Naturalists have been “crying wolf” so often, and for so long, I can’t blame the general populace for not giving a rat’s rectum. WOW […]