Presqu’ile Park Turtle Rescue

Back in 2004, the wife and I contributed to a charity in Nanaimo to save the Vancouver Island Marmot.The critter is doing rather well today and we feel good in that, we might’ve had something to do with it.

And then, back in September of 2013 I asked the question, what to do about turtle deaths on roadways while they tried to lay eggs (see Snapping Turtle Rescue. ). Well, I recently found someone else asking the very same question and getting a rather encouraging answer.

The wife and I were returning from a morning at the “Christmas at Presquile Arts and Crafts Show” last Fall when we saw this :


We pondered the possibility the park was going to pour curbs along the entire route. The wife became highly animated at the prospect. “How are the turtles going to get across the road now !?” she demanded to know. There were what appeared to be “speed bumps” across the road (which had no bumps) and I asked the wife to stop so I could take a look at one.


I realized they were barriers to prevent turtles from crossing the road (hence, being killed) and they guided them to a tunnel. The “speed bumps” were tunnels under the road to allow passage between their hibernating grounds and their egg laying grounds. Frickin’, Brilliant !! It was all because of a competition between Laurentian University students for the best wildlife preservation idea. 

So, keep an eye out as you drive into Presquile or other parks in time to come. The accomplishment of a young student just might re-write the future for turtles. Here’s to some ecological good news for a change.


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