Monthly Archives: March 2016

Wild Leeks, Wild Garlic, Wood Leeks, Spring Onions, or Ramps

One plant by many names, has sprung up in the woodlots of Southern Ontario. They’re not hard to recognize as they’re about the only thing green and lush out there right now. Mind you, Ramps (Allium Tricoccum) leaves look an awful lot like the domestic escapee “lily of the valley” which, of course, is toxic […]

Some Characters of Old Port Hope

Port Hope in its early days was so rich in history and it was very well recorded.  It seems that there were many interesting characters that had so many tales to tell that were not so well known.   Fortunately for us, we have a record of some of them.  Thanks to the late historian William […]

Yeah, I Know What it Really Means – But It’s Still Funny

When I retired, one of the first things I did was to scan digital copies of all our old transparency slides. From time to time, the wife and I look through them to remind ourselves that we were indeed, a cute couple back in College. Seems we never copy them to a stick and plug them […]

Trinity College School

Trinity College, a long- time Institution of Port Hope, Ontario was at one time world famous.  This school was originally located in the village of Weston, Ontario in 1865, two years prior to Canadian Confederation.  However, owing to the need for room for expansion, and with generous offers of assistance by the good people of […]