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Strange Things I Have Seen – Roadsign Interpretations

There’s an old woman’s joke (the joke I mean, not the women), that would come up whenever you passed one of those “Men at Work” signs. The female passengers would quip “Women don’t have to announce when we’re working”, implying  …  whatever. Anyway, now we don’t use those language signs. Apparently, being able to read […]

O3 is for Ozone

In my issue Some Ecological Good News for a Change, I threatened to b!tch-slap fellow naturalists for preaching doom and gloom. No, I haven’t changed my mind, that threat still stands. However, I’d like to tell you about another piece of good news. Does anyone remember about mid 1985 when the British Antarctic Survey announced […]

The Ganaraska Hiking Trail Anniversary

2018, will mark the 50th anniversary of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail. This post is more about the early days of the local trail known as the Pine Ridge Section and the Ranger’s memories of it. Having said that, I must include an overall picture of the complete 500 Km trail for those not familiar with […]

Start Your own Blog …Why Not ?

While neither Ranger nor I are narcissists, we like to feel our efforts provide something to our regular readers and visitors. These are some reasons why we’re happy to run a blog, and why starting your own blog might be a good thing for you. Ranger’s historical pieces are well read, and his recent posting […]

The Autumn Colors of 2016

We all expected the Autumn colors to be … brown, then drop. Why not ? The Summer was insufferably hot and humid AND DRY. So, why would the leaves have any incentive to display ? But, display they did. For an unusually long period of time, and with an intensity and hue rarely seen. However, […]

Camborne Ont. One Room School

This post is about the history of the little one room school house, Camborne SS 10 ½. I have included some memories of the Ranger who lived next door and attended classes here for eight years (1952-1959). Although it has been nearly sixty years, some memories are a bit dim but others seem like just […]