Monthly Archives: May 2017

The Northumberland County Forest Woodland Trails Review

There are a lot of trails through the Northumberland County Forest (NCF). There’s what I call the West Block, and the Carstairs Tract, and then there’s: The Woodland Trails These trails are at the end of Woodland Rd. just 16 kms North of the 401 on the right/East of Hwy 45 outa Cobourg. The road […]

A Relic of Port Hope Harbour

The Standard Ideal Company started up in 1903, later became the Port Hope Sanitary Manufacturing Company and finally the name best known to most locals as Crane operated in Port Hope until 1967. What is left of this historical manufacturing plant is slated for removal in the near future for the cleanup of the low-level […]

Prince Edward Point NWA/PEPt Bird Observatory/Little Bluff CA Review

I combined these three as two of them are within minutes of each other (Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area – PEPNWA –  and Little Bluff CA) and the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory – PEPtBO –  is on the property of the Prince Edward Point NWA. This write up was spread across two years, as we […]

Hamilton Township Vistas

Hamilton Township, Ontario has some of the greatest vistas you will ever see in Southern Ontario. The reason for this is because of our unique land formations. Most of the hills in the southern township are known as drumlins. A drumlin, from the Irish word droimnin meaning an elongated hill in the shape of an […]

Orono Crown Lands Review

I never thought I’d write a positive review on a Crown Land, not South of the 45th parallel anyway. When I hear the words “Crown Lands”, I usually have visions of ATV ruts, smashed beer bottles, spent shotgun shells, and piles of cigarette butts. Well, not so at Orono Crown Lands. The difference is because […]