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Landmarks of Garden Hill, Ontario

“My son, I admonish you to cherish the little waters, for these replenish the mighty rivers that nourish our thirsty land”. This quote by Samuel Woodstock, a fictitious character and alias used by Arthur Herbert Richardson. The Establishment of Conservation Areas in Ontario: Richardson was the first Chief Conservation Engineer in the Province of Ontario. […]

Seymour Conservation Area (Campbellford) Trails Review – A Winter Walkable

Update on the Northumberland Forest Ski Club

It seems that our recent post on the Northumberland Forest Ski Club has generated a lot of reader interest.   I guess it makes sense because we may have awakened a lot of fond memories of the many generations of skiers that once enjoyed their experiences here. The wealth of new information and pictures in this […]

Northumberland Forest Ski Club

  Recently the Ranger received a request from a 2oldguyswalking reader requesting information on the now defunct Northumberland Forest Ski Club on County Road #45 near Baltimore, Ontario. Never having skied there, I knew very little of its history.  Loving a historical challenge, I could not just say sorry, I can’t help you! Of course […]

Raising Mantids … or Maybe Not

We were standing at the cash counter at Baltimore Valley Nursery when something caught my eye. There appeared to be a tiny little bug climbing up the back of the cash register. I watched it intently until the lady behind the counter followed my eyes and casually said “Oh yes, those are praying mantises”. The […]