Monthly Archives: August 2014

Why it’s Great to be an Old Guy

Just about everyone can think of reasons why being an old guy is not advantageous.  These are just some personal musings as to why I find it, great to be an old guy.   NO MORE MACHO BULLSH!T There was a time when men didn’t give a damn if they were dressed stylishly or not. […]

The Leskard Trail (a review)

  UPDATE Saturday August 19, 2017 – Just returned from here today with an idea to improve this review. Before considering walking this trail, check this URL to see if there’s an “event” going on first. I had no idea how loud (and annoying) a pack of morons on motorcycles could be. That’ll teach […]

The Pohosiwa Lines

These paintings are found in Spain’s El Castillo cave. They are near 41,000 years old and might have been created by Neanderthals. The possible Neanderthal connection, and their purpose, are still subjects of heated debate in archeological circles. These are the mysterious Nazca lines of Peru. They date from about 500 A.D. and are discernable […]

H.R. Frink CA and OEC

It was our 35th anniversary and I asked the wife what she wanted to do. A cruise, a trip somewhere, whatever she wanted. She chose to go somewhere we’d never been before, and have a picnic. Always the cheap date she was. She often suggests that’s why I married her. I have other, much better […]

Computer Geek 101

Ok, so I decided to replace my aging computer, sounds like something any simpleton should be able to do.  The basic instruction that come with the new machine says “anyone can do this in three easy steps”.  They obviously don’t know the Ranger very well!  I really need some basic instructions that you would think […]