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College Days – Canadore

“Heay, what time is it?” Gene asked.  “Hell if I know, ask her” I suggested, pointing to the girl in the seat in front of us.  The wife (hereafter titled “the girlfriend”) tells me that was the first time I acknowledged her existence.  It was our first semester of our first year at Canadore College […]

The Northumberland Nemesis

I heard a crack and a grunt from behind me as Ranger tripped over a root or something.  I turned to check his recovery, when I remembered … Ranger was in front of me.  I turned forward again and saw him standing about 10 meters ahead, with head tipped back, sniffing the air. “You smell […]

Pushing Boundaries

I’m going to cross the barrier between hikers and powered vehicle enthusiasts.  I’m going to break the time honoured tradition, the rift between the Hatfields and McCoys , Bond and Goldfinger, Lord Athol Layton and Haystack Calhoun (showing my age), Rambo and … well, everybody, the Montagues and Capulets, Whoa !  Where’d that come from […]

Life With a Little Sister

It’s still  Winter!!  Looking out my ‘window to the world’ it’s snowing again!  It’s cold enough out there to freeze the you know what’s off a brass monkey!  The Accent is still buried in snow…it can stay there for a few more days as I’m not needing to go anywhere any time soon!  Yes, I’m […]

Windy Ridge Conservation Area review

“Heay !  There’s a star on the GPS map coming up” I told Ranger.  “And a star means … ?” Ranger asked.  “Oh yeah, I place a star on the map when the wife and I find something worth coming back to” I explained.   So what is it ?” he asked.  “I dunno, all I […]

Harbingers of Spring

There are so many contestants vying for the position of true “poster child” of Spring.  Just a few weeks ago the wife and I spotted a small flock of robins in a local conservation area.  That alone, should dethrone the robin in my opinion as they’re obviously demented.  It was frickin’ January !  What the […]

Walk Definitions

“I wonder how much this cost us” the wife mused as she looked over the public skateboard park.  It was behind the town fairgrounds and we ran into it while taking an “in town” hike.  “I wonder if anyone ever uses it, or even knows it’s here”. She added.  “Well, someone else put in their […]