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What a Friend We Have – Joseph Scriven

This story is about a long ago Port Hope resident whom very few of us know the name of, but the world came to know his work. Anyone who has ever been to a church service will recognize his world famous poem/hymn “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”. Joseph Medlicott Scriven (1819-1886) was born in Dublin […]

An Open Note to Dog Walkers

OK, I have b!tched about this before, AND I’m gonna do it again … WHAT THE *$#% is wrong with dog walkers ?!  This is the sight that greeted the wife and I on our first walk of the season at Stephen’s Gulch (an otherwise lovely walk just north of Bowmanville).  Trust me, it’s worth much […]

Nawautin Nature Sanctuary / Hartop CA and Wicklow Beach (Haldimand) Review

UPDATE – July 2/17 – The water level of Lake Ontario has detrimentally affected alot of shoreline trails. But we walked this one today and though we found it to have a number of wet spots, the area hasn’t been hurt by lake “backlash”. _____________________________________________________________________________________________   OK, so the reason I’m doing these three together […]

What Exactly Does That Mean?

I noticed this sign while exploring a back-road with the wife. I wasn’t sure if it was stating zero tolerance for, or declaring support of … well. Complete with unilingual symbolism it seemed. Or, perhaps more darkly, it might’ve been a threat of some sort of action should one venture further. Either which way, it was too late in the afternoon to find out, so […]

Vernal Pools

During the Winter, Ranger and I try to come up with ideas for what to do come Spring and Summer.  I like to experiment with different things every year.  So, since we’ve covered most of the land in the County, I’ve been threatening to get a minnow trap and study all the aquatic stuff in […]

Doug’s Maple Syrup – A Family Affair

Doug’s father Barney, was the original Maple Syrup Man in the family with help from his son Doug and grandson Jamie.  After Barney’s passage, Doug and his son Jamie took over and updated/upgraded the operation. Jamie has since grown up and has his own children now, but the family tradition of maple syrup production continues to bring them together every […]