Monthly Archives: December 2013

Take A Hike!

Ever been told to take a hike?  I have, more times than I care to recall!  In keeping with the 2oldguyswalking theme,  I would like to inform and educate anyone interested in joining a hiking club.  This will be the hardest post I have ever written, as there are a lot of rules and regulations […]

(Don’t) Have Yourself an Itchy Little Christmas

Every Christmas for many years now, the wife and I make a pair of swags to hang up on our front porch.  This is one of them. We forage a coupla spruce boughs, a mess of different colored and textured berries, some red osier, pine cones, and anything else we can think of that might […]

Urban Turkeys

We’ve all heard about how Man’s encroachment upon the wilderness is to blame for wild animals’ apparent retaliation upon urban areas.  Some critters have actually benefitted from our encroachment like raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, foxes, and that’s just a partial list from my own backyard, right in the suburbs of a small Southern Ontario town.  […]

2 Old Guys Walking … Through the Ages

Ranger and I, or the wife and I, have walked the shorelines of many lakes and ponds. We’ve also walked many a riverbed.  Years ago, on one of those walks, I saw something protruding from the rock.  Using another shard of rock I pounded at it until a tiny fossil popped out. I was hooked. […]