Monthly Archives: February 2015

Diabetic Woes

Why do all my doctor’s appointments start with the Doc asking me how I am?  He must know by now that I’m going to say “well, that’s why I’m here…you tell me”.  Then it usually goes something like “it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you”. We have your latest blood work test results […]

The Fungi of Peter’s Woods – a pictorial posting

I have a weakness for the unusual, and even the macabre. So, before passing judgement on anything I happen upon on the trail, I take another look. Sometimes in  a different light, from a different angle, or a different perspective. More often than not, I’ll catch a beauty I’d have missed otherwise. When perusing my […]

Lair of the Ice Dragon – Lake Ontario Ice Volcanoes

The wife and I were feeding chickadees on the AK Sculthorpe Marsh Trail in Port Hope last week.  As we walked, we heard what sounded like a whale “spouting” out on the lake. We came to a spot where we could see the lake through the bushes and peered about.  There was no sound.  As we stood there straining […]

The Joys of Apartment Living

Okay, after selling my house and acre of land to make my ex-wife happy, would someone please explain to me the legal term “equalization” and why it does not appear anywhere near equal to me!  If you have never been through this, let me try to explain it to you through the eyes of the […]