Monthly Archives: May 2015

Stephen’s Gulch Trail Review

Update April 24 2017 – Just returned from a walk here. There’s now a pay and display for parking. But $3.00 will cover the 1.5 hours it’ll take to walk this trail (if you walk slowly and stop to look around alot). Or you could just park on the road outside the lot for nothing […]

The Prince of Procrastination

Back on June 8 2014, Ranger claimed to be  Master Procrastinator. If so, then I am the Prince of Procrastination, the Duke of Do It Later, the Baron of By & By, the Marquis of Maybe Tomorrow, the Lord of Later On, the Tsar of Tsomeday Tsoon, the Kaiser of Kiss my Ass, I’m busy, […]

Strange Things I’ve Seen – Mysterious Blue Pine Sap on Carstairs Trail‏

Update – April 25, 2018 – I heard from a Provincial government ministry today. They explained why a blue spruce tree is blue, and suggested maybe it was by the same process. However, I’m trying to figure out why trees are oozing puddles of bright blue sap/resin/whatever, from under their bark, not why the needles […]

Jack Gordon / Bowman Rd. Loop Trail Review

OK so, this “loop” is more of a rectangle, but it’s still a nice walk near to Home (if Home is Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada). This is the first in a series of true “No Exit” trails Ranger and I utilize regularly to forage &/or just take a pleasant walk. My philosophy is to start […]