Capt. John W. Myers, Belleville’s Legendary Miller

John Walden Meyers, of German descent was born January 22, 1746 in Albany New York U.S.A. gained fame and became a folklore legend as a Loyalist during the American Revolution. Myers enrolled in the King’s Loyal American Rangers (King’s Rangers/Rogers’s Rangers) which were raised in 1779 and functioned until 1784 led by Robert and James […]

The Mills on Cold Creek, Frankford

  The village of Stockdale Ontario with a saw mill located on the left and a grist mill on the right side of Cold Creek appear to have shared the same mill pond and dam for the most of their years of operation. A carding mill was also located down a short lane east of […]

Purdy’s, Lindsay’s Last Mill

The historical William Purdy Mill in Lindsay Ontario is one of the most storied and interesting mills the Ranger has ever researched. Not to be confused with the Samuel Purdy Mill in Castleton, although the two early Ontario millers were related. See post: Purdy’s Grist Mill, Castleton Ontario (Sept, 2015). The mills, destroyed by fire […]

King’s Mill, Wellman’s Corners, Ontario

From Parker-Marmora History: “Located a mile south of Wellman’s Corners is King’s Mill, a historical site developed by the Lower Trent Conservation Authority. Belief is that the mill was built in 1821, but circumstantial evidence suggests it was built in the 1850’s by the Parkers. In 1851, Robert Parker bought the lot. In 1856, his […]

Madoc and its Historical O’Hara Mill

  While searching for this historical saw mill in Madoc Ontario for this post, the 2oldguys arrived at the parking lot of the O’Hara Homestead and Conservation Area expecting to find a lone, old mill. The first thing we saw was an old mill pond and an amazing covered bridge! On hearing children’s laughter nearby, […]

Historic Lonsdale Mills

The quaint, little Village of Lonsdale, Ontario with its former grist mill and the remnants of a woolen mill offer some amazing photo opportunities. The historic mill sites are located in the village, south on the Marysville Road to the rustic two bridges spanning the Salmon River. At the bottom of the deep gorge where […]

Historic Grist Mill, Westwood, Ontario

Westwood, what can I say about this small & quaint little village…plenty actually. The historical grist mill here has a very interesting past but with very little recorded history. The old mill here has been lovingly restored by its owners Terry and Katherine and its location in Asphodel-Norwood Township at 266 Centre Line on the […]