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Before Aurora Trout Were Called Anything

My father-in-law loved to fish for trout. He wouldn’t eat ’em, but my mother-in-law would, and often did. He was a fascinating fellow born in 1910 Cobalt in Northern Ontario. I’ve always loved the North, and his tales of childhood adventure (which he took for granted) held me spellbound. He didn’t often speak of “the old […]

The Heaslip Triangle Trail review

This is a pleasant little triangular trail which we determined from a piece of the huge Ganaraska Hiking Trail which follows alot of roads.  The intent here is to present the parts which run through woods. It follows the berm of the old Grand Trunk railroad from the 1800’s. The view from the height of land […]

Strange Things I Have Seen – A BlueJay Without A Beak

Those of you who’ve been reading us for the last coupla years will recall the story of “Peg” the one legged chickadee  Peggy – aka Fred. Those of you who’ve been asking if she’s still about, will be glad to hear she landed on out hands for a feed of sunflower seeds just three days back. […]

Camborne Ontario Ghost Mills

Camborne Ontario Ghost Mills Updates Dec 28 2015 Who would have thought, just a few months after issuing the Camborne, Ontario Ghost Mills blog, October 12, 2015, a correction of the Saw Mill and Pail factory location has become necessary.  AND amazingly, evidence has recently surfaced of the existence of a first Saw Mill (erected […]

The Glen Gavel / Benson Rd Trail Review

This is another local “not listed anywhere” No Exit loop trail. Another trail that just carries on after you hit the No Exit sign. This one is just North and slightly East of Port Hope, off Hwy 28. As per usual, there are two parallel trails from No Exit roads separated by 2 paved roads […]