Monthly Archives: November 2013

Ranger’s Trail Building

So, you think you want to build a walking/hiking trail?  I’m not talking a fifty foot trail around your back yard!  I have actually done this on my former one acre property.  I decided to cut a trail into the side of a steep ravine across the property so as to actually be able to […]

2 Old Guys – Out to Lunch

The guy who looked like a skinny Santa Claus was flirting with the waitress when the guy behind us shouted “So, when ya headed back to Afghanistan?”  Skinny Santa’s eyes just about popped out of his head as he shushed the guy who’d asked.  He dispensed flirting with the waitress, and walked straight over to […]

The Elusive Railroad Bridge

For many, many years I had researched the old Port Hope, Lindsay and Beaverton Railroad that ran from…well, even my learned friend the ‘Bushwhacker’ can figure out! A note of explanation on my strange fixation on trains, especially the steam kind. Sixty-six years ago this month, my Grandfather had taken my mother to the hospital […]

Stalking the Feral Asparagus

The wife and I were cruising about, looking for the proverbial palette of Fall colours, but were a bit too early.  So we took consolation in the brilliant golden fronds of wild asparagus.  Wild asparagus eh ?  I remembered a few incidents earlier in the Spring.  While returning Home from our trusty morel forging trail, […]