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Woodley’s Heritage Sawmill

In the 1870’s James Woodley dammed up a small stream near the present day town of Hayden, Ontario. This was the beginning of an early water powered sawmill and the start of a chair factory. As with most early saw and grist mills a small village was soon established nearby. This hamlet east of Haydon […]

The Lower Trent Trail

  We found this one while wandering about The Bleasdell Boulder Trail and became very excited when we found it was 17 kms long. It’s on the berm of an early 20th century railway that follows Hwy # 33 (and the Trent River) between Trenton and Glen Ross. However, like most long trails (e.g. – […]

Wesleyville Ghost Town, Ontario

Wesleyville is the first of the three ‘sister’ ghost towns located on the beautiful, winding (never originally surveyed) historic Lakeshore Road between Port Hope and Newcastle Ontario. The other two ‘sisters’ are Port Britain (see post: Port Britain, Ontario Ghost Town, July 19, 2017) and Port Granby. (see post: The Port Granby Project, August 2, […]

Enniskillen Conservation Area Review

This is a fairly small CA at just 65 hectares of which, only about two thirds (the North – West tract) has a five trail system of about 5 kms total. There are two accesses, and both are off Holt Rd. One from Concession # 7 (from the South), and the other from Regional Rd […]

Cat Hollow (Lakeport) Ontario

“Out of Cat Hollow” has long been a tittle of pride on the great lakes. You will never find either Cat Hollow or the Port of Cramaha on any shipping documents…but both were very real! Cat Hollow was the general name for the settlement on both sides of Keeler Creek flowing into Lake Ontario and […]

Long Sault Conservation Area Review

Long Sault doesn’t show on Google Maps as anything more than a name. There’s no corresponding green patch, which belies its size of 1,650 acres and 18 kms of trails. Then again, considering it’s CLOCA’s (Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority) biggest property, they aren’t real generous with the signage to get you there either. Take […]

Antique Machinery Centre – Port Hope, Ontario

The Port Hope Agricultural Heritage Club’s Antique Machinery Centre is a museum unlike anything else in the area. Located at 5077 County Road 10 in the village of Canton, Ontario and features threshing machines, farm tractors, chain saws, hand tools, plows, engines, pumps and seeders that would have been used by our parents and grandparents. […]