Squirrels, Chipmunks and Birds 10, Ranger 1

Something is radically different this year on my apartment balcony and it has nothing to do with climate change! My second floor apartment balcony is my most used living space all summer. At 6 x 19 feet, that is meager 114 sq. feet for my garden of twenty some planters, room for a couple of […]

Raising Mantids … or Maybe Not

We were standing at the cash counter at Baltimore Valley Nursery when something caught my eye. There appeared to be a tiny little bug climbing up the back of the cash register. I watched it intently until the lady behind the counter followed my eyes and casually said “Oh yes, those are praying mantises”. The […]

Mourning Cloak Meetings

The car swerved slightly to avoid squashing the tiny creature, crediting both the driver’s sharp eye, and her compassionate nature. I was impressed the wife even saw the tiny, insignificant caterpillar on the vast expanse of pavement. The little Nymphalis soldiered on across the road, unaware of its near existence ending encounter, as the Honda […]

Training Wild Birds to Hand Feed

One of the other bird feeding walkers on the trail asked us “Are you the ones who got the nuthatches to feed by hand?”. We responded to the positive, and he asked how we managed that. We gave him a quick rundown on how we did it … while cautioning him that it took the […]

Presqu’ile Park Turtle Rescue

Back in 2004, the wife and I contributed to a charity in Nanaimo to save the Vancouver Island Marmot.The critter is doing rather well today and we feel good in that, we might’ve had something to do with it. And then, back in September of 2013 I asked the question, what to do about turtle deaths on […]

Strange Things I’ve Seen – A Groundhog Up a Tree ?

The wife and I were doing The Hollows Loop on a gorgeous early May morning. Sunny, warm with the occasional cool breeze just to make the open meadow patches on the trail more comfortable. Ever vigilant for Spring foragables, flowers &/or beasties, we walked rather quietly, scanning the trail around and ahead of us for […]

Wasp, Hornet or Bee’s Nest – Which Is It ?

The wife and I were returning Home from a walk … somewhere. I don’t remember where from, as the sight of this, negated anything else from my mind. We’ve all seen them before, hanging from trees, or the eaves of some unfortunate family’s Home. But I’d never seen one this close to the ground, so […]

Strange Things I Have Seen – A BlueJay Without A Beak

Those of you who’ve been reading us for the last coupla years will recall the story of “Peg” the one legged chickadee  Peggy – aka Fred. Those of you who’ve been asking if she’s still about, will be glad to hear she landed on out hands for a feed of sunflower seeds just three days back. […]

Blinky Birds aka Mourning Doves

Ranger and I were out foraging while the wife was doing some yard work (do I know what I’m doing or what? ). Anyway, she started pulling out garden hose from the South side reel when a mourning dove exploded like a grouse, giving her quite a start. Upon investigation she saw what appeared at first, […]

Lair of the Ice Dragon – Lake Ontario Ice Volcanoes

The wife and I were feeding chickadees on the AK Sculthorpe Marsh Trail in Port Hope last week.  As we walked, we heard what sounded like a whale “spouting” out on the lake. We came to a spot where we could see the lake through the bushes and peered about.  There was no sound.  As we stood there straining […]