The Autumn Colors of 2016

We all expected the Autumn colors to be … brown, then drop. Why not ? The Summer was insufferably hot and humid AND DRY. So, why would the leaves have any incentive to display ? But, display they did. For an unusually long period of time, and with an intensity and hue rarely seen.

However, the week-end weather during the changing of the leaves was usually overcast, drizzly, &/or hazy. It seems the best day for viewing Autumn leaf colors last year was Oct 19th. That’s Wednesday Oct 19th. Wednesday is 2oldguyswalking’s get-together and explore day. Instead, we made a day of searching out all the best spots we could find for Autumn leaves, and snapped a whole mess of pictures for you. They’re compiled in three categories below as .gif files.



These are Landscapes :


These are what the roads looked like :


These are what the bushtrails looked like :


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