Strange Things I’ve Seen – A Well Heeled Tree with alot of Sole

The Wife and I were returning from Orono a few weeks ago, on a “long way Home” cruise along the backroads.  We passed a tree we’d passed many times before, but without as much as a second glance. I guess that’s why someone “decorated” it. I can only assume there’s an artist (that’s phonetically pronounced … “arteest”) in the immediate area.


Before you ask, YES I checked to see if any were my size, but figured they’d all have a leaking problem, with the exception of the ones hanging from the branches. Some even had the price tags still visible, so someone can afford to nail fifty or more pairs of unused shoes to a tree … and … how frigged-up is that ?

So … you just gotta know what to expect next eh ?

PUNACITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d hate to be the poor “sap” married to the arteest who did this. Whilst “pining” for lost “soles”, someone might’ve been “barking up the wrong tree” in their efforts to be “treeative”. Perhaps this arteest will “branch-out” to covering shrubs in gloves as he/she approaches the “root” cause of his/her abberation.

Some might feel this form of art is just a “croc” and would desire to “lace it up” and give it the “boot”. But I feel it just as “Welly” to leave it alone, as it could become rather “poplar”.

I suppose it couldn’t do any harm to “pump” some fashion into the landscape, as one “spruces things up” a bit. While I feel this effort is a tad over”elm”ing at first glance, treeativity can be a Beech and will make an Ash of many of us.

“Fir” example, awhile back I was being “needled” about my two “Cedar” sportscar by an “Alder” fellow across the street. “Aspen” a good ten minutes ignoring him in the hope his “heartwood” soften and he’d soon “leaf” me alone. But it was all for “knot” and was all I could “stand” as I put distance between myself and the annoying son of a “birch”. He could see I was “pithed-off” and finally took to “rooting” around in his car’s “trunk” for a jack (pine).

OK. now I’m grasping at straws, so I’ll leaf it at that.


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