Thurne Parks Conservation Area (Clarington) Trail Review

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Thurne Parks Conservation Area Trail Review

Update – July 29, 2020 – Our thanks to Matt S. for his comment about the spotting of Giant Hogweed in this CA. While the GRCA are generally very quick to address this issue, I wanted to pass on Matt’s notification in case anyone gets there before the GRCA can get to it.

Update – Feb 22, 2020 – Just returned from here today. There are a mess of tree blowdowns and we couldn’t follow the trail for more than a few dozen meters before giving up and turning back. Perhaps by Summer the fishermen will re-route or clear it better. We’ll keep an eye on it, and let you know.

Update – July 2, 2019 – Just returned from a re – visit here today. We don’t often visit in the Summer, and we found alot of overgrowth right near the end of the trail. In fact, I lost track of the trail itself. However, I know we were very near the end anyway, so you can still enjoy a pleasant return walk, which is what this trail is anyway.

Update – Dec 5, 2015 – Just returned from Thurne Parks and just wanted to outline a few changes.  The windstorm of a few weeks ago really played havoc. Alot of trees are down and the trail has been re-routed in numerous places but is still quite walkable. Another new development is at the end of the trail where I state someone has a “private property” sign on a tree over the river.  There is now a pile of brush with a “no trespassing” sign, and a barbed wire fence across the trail. Somebody’s pissed for sure. Anyway, you might notice a new trail going off to the right, alongside the barbed wire fence. We followed it, and found it just leads to the backyards of a few residences so it’s not worth the bother.


Thurne Parks is a walk the wife and I, and the Ranger and I have been doing for some time now.  It’s become so common to me that I’d forgotten I’d never done a review on it.  It’s a “return trail” really. I say that because there’s a couple of trail review websites which describe it as a “loop” trail, which it is not.  Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

OK, so Thurne Parks is on the South side of Conc 4, West from Hwys 35/115 North of the 401.  It’s about 1.5 km West of 35/115.  If you hit your brakes as you pass over a small bridge, you’ll slow down just in time to pull into the parking lot.

Or click the link below to open Google Maps at the parking lot :

The trail follows the West side of the stream the bridge takes you over.  The stream is the northern extension of Wilmot Creek which flows down to Lake Ontario through the Wilmot Creek Nature Area on the Lake.

thurne parks map

There are two trails from the parking lot which converge a few meters back in the bush so it doesn’t matter which one you start with.  You’ll quickly realize what this CA is all about as you walk.  The water is constantly with you, visually, and audibly.  The walking is easy, and the trail level.  There are numerous side trails wandering off toward the water, affording ample photo opportunities.

The water is teeming with fish during the Spring trout run and the Fall salmon run, and even in between with the usual denizens of the stream, though I can count on one hand the number of fishermen I’ve seen there. Keep in mind that we visit on weekdays, so I can’t vouch for week-ends.

The woods are mostly scrub cedars, with some upper woodland species further back from the water.  Not a lot of unusual fungal species sighted, but there are some wild flowers to be seen.  Hepatica in the Spring, and every few meters we walked this Fall, there were bright red Jack-in-the-Pulpit seed clusters visible.  The trail is rather canopied for the most part, though there are some open breaks in the canopy allowing meadow-type plants to thrive.

I should warn you to keep exposed skin from touching these plants as they are mostly stinging nettles.  They’re nothing serious though, just a mildly annoying intermittent itch for an hour or so. Just raise your arms over them if you’re in short sleeves and you’ll be fine.  If you’re in short pants, the trail is wide enough at its base that they’ll not be a problem to you. If you’re a birder (bird watcher for those of you who aren’t), I don’t want the same websites I mentioned earlier to mislead you.  I’ve rarely even heard a bird, much less seen one on this trail.  Simply put, this trail is all about the water, as it should be.  The creek deserves all the attention.  I mentioned that it’s a return trail.  You’ll eventually come to a point where a fallen tree lays across the creek and someone has placed a “private property” sign on it.  This is the point at which to turn back.  This trail is quite easy to walk and we have taken it in all four seasons.

The Final Take

Thurne Parks exists to preserve a section of Wilmot Creek on its journey South to Lake Ontario.  It’s a lovely, calming walk with no challenges to the walker. However, though classed as a Conservation Area, it has the feel of a Wildlife Area.  There are no facilities of any kind available.  No picnic tables, no washrooms, not even a bench along the trail.  It`s doing well to have a parking lot.  Not to worry though.  If you return to Hwy 35/115 and take the next exit South (3rd Line), there`s a McD`s, a Sub shop, and a Tim`s.



  1. Kathy Parks · · Reply

    Hello, I am a daughter of Thurne Parks and I enjoyed reading the review of the conservation area in my father’s name. From the photos, it looks the same as I remember it when I was a child. I am glad to hear that people are enjoying this area.


  2. Hello Kathy,
    Thank-you so very much for your comment. My apologies for taking so long to respond. I just couldn’t believe it ! What are the chances of hearing from a descendant of one of my favourite walks ? Comments like yours makes these trail reviews all worthwhile.
    Thank you again,


  3. Matt S. · · Reply

    Thank you for this great blog! What a valuable resource it is.
    Just wanted to share that I see that Giant Hogweed has been spotted in the southern portion of this CA, so take care to protect your skin (noxious weed, causes blisters and scarring).


    1. Thanks kindly Matt, for both the encouraging words and the notification of the Giant Hogweed invasion. I’ll add a temporary warning on the write-up itself.


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